What types of products use INTELLIFRESH™ odor protection technology?

Natural and synthetic fabrics enhanced with INTELLIFRESH™ stay clean and fresh smelling longer. The fabrics you use everyday, like apparel, activewear and underwear, or home textiles and work uniforms, stay fresh longer with INTELLIFRESH™ built-in odor protection.

How long will INTELLIFRESH™ last?

INTELLIFRESH™ built-in odor protection is made to last more than 50 washings, or for the expected life of the treated fabric.

How do I wash my INTELLIFRESH™ products?

Just like you would any of your other products. There’s no need to wash a certain way because INTELLIFRESH™ built-in odor protection is made to withstand excessive heat, detergents and bleach while keeping your textiles clean and fresh smelling, wash after wash.


You bet! INTELLIFRESH™ has been extensively tested and is proven non-toxic to humans. The technology only activates in the presence of unwanted odors and uses a patented technology that won’t wash out of your fabrics or irritate your skin.

Is INTELLIFRESH™ good for the environment?

Textile products treated with INTELLIFRESH™ may not need to be washed as frequently, saving water and energy, which is good for you and the environment.

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